If you are planning on moving property, whether that be to upsize so you can start a family, move out for the first time or even downsize after the kids have all moved out, having the ability to sell your current property quickly can be extremely beneficial.

The most recent English housing survey published by the UK government states that more than 80% of first-time buyers between 2014 and 2015 used private savings as the main source of their deposits when purchasing a property. However, if you already own a property that does not have to be the case.

“But if I already own a property how can I be a first-time buyer?”

UK law states that only one applicant on a first-time buyer mortgage has to be a first-time buyer if they are to be accepted.

Although there are many other considerations for mortgage applications, in a nutshell this means that, if you live with your partner who owns an existing property, they can then sell that property and use the funds as an initial deposit. With the second partner becoming the perfect applicant for a first-time buyer mortgage.

If you are looking at selling your home, these five ways could help you to sell your home faster.


Consider Multiple Agents

There are no rules on the amount of real estate agents you can or can’t use to sell your house.

Consider putting your property on the market with two or three agents. Your property will gain more exposure and be seen by more potential buyers.

Estate agents utilise many advertising systems. They look to gain maximum exposure through newspaper advertorials, social media, digital marketing and through leaflet distribution.


Prepare for Viewings

If your property is now on the housing market, you will inevitably get a couple of viewings. Sometimes you may get a lot and on some other occasions it may happen a little slower, but it will happen.

How often do you walk into a property that is for sale to find that it is filthy? Almost never.

Make sure that your home is spotless and makes a good first impression for any potential buyers. Utilise a cleaning company to help you if you don’t fancy doing it yourself.


Be Friendly and Yourself

When you do get people visiting your home for the first time it can seem a little strange. However, it is important to be yourself and act as natural as possible. If you feel comfortable enough, allow the buyers to look around on their own but be willing to chip in with any answers to any questions that they may have.

Buyers may want to know a couple of simple things like local schools, shopping centres and public transport links.


Use Quality Photography

First impressions are exactly what matter in estate agency. If a potential buyer doesn’t feel that your property has what they are looking for, then chances are they will look elsewhere. When you see property advertised, whether it be on property websites or in newspapers, the most successful ones have good quality photography and floorplans.

There is nothing more frustrating to see than a property on RightMove.co.uk that meets your search requirements with just one poorly taken photo.


Be Organised

Organisation when moving is key. Make sure that you organise and manage all of the necessary paperwork. It is worth investing in a cheap Filofax to help organise your documents. A lot of property exchanges are held up by poor communication and shoddy paperwork. Make sure that any applications are correctly filled in. Read the application requirements carefully and any terms and conditions.


Author Bio: This guest article was written by Daniel Horne, Director and contributor for Cleaners in Milton Keynes. He works closely with those in the property and cleaning industry providing useful advice on external and internal article sources.