Buying or selling a property?

If you are looking for properties for sale in Nottingham or you would like expert support to buy or sell a property, either to live in or as an investment property to rent out, we can help. Below you can find details of any properties that we currently have for sale.

If you can’t see anything that fits your requirements, please give Jez a call on 07887 511 449 or email him at and we’ll see if we have anything coming up that would be suitable.

We’ve been working as Nottingham property agents for more than 18 years and have handled the buying and selling of many good quality homes in and around Nottingham during that time. We also list all of our properties, including sales and vacancies, over on our Able Property Trust Facebook page, so you might find it helpful to follow us on Facebook.

Please note that all of ours sales are outsourced to a professional, long-established and fully regulated local estate agent with 30+ years’ experience of selling property in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.