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If you were buying a car and wanted to ensure there were no faults or issues, whom would you ask to look it over for you? Usually, it wouldn’t be the dealership’s mechanic as, through their association with the dealership, they have an interest in the sale of the car. Yet this distinction becomes less clear when going through the less familiar process of buying a property.

An estate agent’s job is to sell property and for doing so they are paid a commission, which aligns their interests with the seller’s – to maximise the amount property is sold for. They also have a vested interest in ensuring that the sale proceeds without interruption. It is, therefore, peculiar that property buyers take recommendations from the estate agent as to which surveyor to use or, at times, whether a survey is necessary.

Though all Chartered Surveyors should be independent and work in their clients’ best interests, agents may still have an influence or be able to apply pressure to an associated Surveyor. This is especially the case when a surveyor works for an estate agent or they are a large referrer for their practice. It is therefore of utmost importance that buyers are aware of these vested interests and always choose a surveyor who is completely independent.

At, we offer three different types of survey to help you make a good, informed decision about a property. The RICS Valuation Report is a report solely on the value of a property, whereas a RICS HomeBuyer Report and RICS Building Survey will look at a property’s condition.

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