Whether you’re renting or you own your home, knowing it’s safe and secure from intruders is essential for your peace of mind. Sainsbury’s Bank Money Matters Team has been kind enough to share their home security guide with us. You’ll find it packed full of simple steps that you can take to help deter intruders.

Do you know about the different types of burglar alarms on the market and the extra assistance that some companies offer? Are you using a BSI Kitemark approved lock, or could you simply be marking your belongings with a UV pen?

There are many small, simple steps that you can take to help make your home more secure and, in the event of theft, give yourself a better chance of reclaiming your lost property.

For a more in-depth guide and further measures you can take, check out Sainsbury’s Bank’s guide to home security.

Visual Guide to Home Security from Sainsburys Bank

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External home security tips

  • Burglar alarms deter criminals as they show that your house is protected
  • External doors should be at least 4.4cm thick with a deadlock installed
  • An automated gate with no footholds or metal ornaments that are difficult to climb can help to protect your property
  • Use infrared security lights and place them at least 2 metres from the ground to help prevent tampering
  • Put gravel down outside because it makes a noise when trodden on
  • Keep hedges below 1.4m in height so your property isn’t completely hidden from view
  • If you use CCTV, you may need planning permission and should check that your neighbours are OK with it
  • Cancel milk, newspaper and other deliveries if you’re going away
  • Secure sheds with a padlock
  • Make sure your fences are at least 2 metres high (consider a trellis-style design that’s hard to climb)
  • Plant prickly bushes behind fences

Internal home security tips

  • Connect windows to your security alarm
  • Ensure locks meet BSI security standards
  • Choose key-locked windows, especially for ground floor rooms
  • Use a timer to switch lights on and off at various times to make it look like you’re at home
  • Keep your keys away from doors, locks and open windows
  • Consider setting up internal security cameras or a webcam
  • Install tracking software on your laptop and mobile in case they’re stolen
  • Fit security bolts and chains to the inside of doors to stop intruders getting further into your property if they do gain entry
  • Mark your valuable items with your house number and postcode using a UV pen