This guest post featuring five tips to sell your house fast comes from John Cole at Buy My Place, an Australian residential estate agent.

Sitting like a lame duck in your home, waiting for the best buyers to walk through your door and give you an offer to buy your house can be a very long wait. Sellers who have faced this situation will tell you how agonising it is to expect the right buyer to come walking in through the door, especially when they wanted to dispose of their house quickly. Typically, selling your house can be time-consuming. However, there are certain tips and tricks to speed up the process and make sure homeowners are able to dispose of their homes faster.
Here is a look at our five tips to sell your house fast:

1. Set the Right Price

Typically most homeowners believe that the initial price of the home needs to be high. In their opinions, this gives them leverage in subsequent negotiations when the price is lowered according to the buyer’s wishes. If you set the right price from the start, buyers are likely to be attracted to your property from the outset. For most buyers, a home that is highly priced represents an unserious homeowner not willing to sell their house.

2. Renovate Your Home

You cannot rebuild your home before selling it. What you can do is update the landscape, exterior and interior of your home and refresh it by getting it painted and repaired. A home that is attractive is more inviting for potential buyers. If a home is not properly renovated or has lingering repairs that are pending, it can put off potential buyers, delaying the sale of the house.

3. Depersonalise the property

For buyers who are looking to purchase property, one of the first few things they look for is trying to picture themselves in the house. As home owners to attract potential buyers you need to depersonalize your property so that they are able to picture themselves living in the home. Remove your family photos, art works, bedroom fittings, etc. The simpler and more clutter-free the home, the better the chance it will appeal to a potential buyer. Even excessive junk in wardrobes and cupboards needs to be removed from the home.

4. Advertise Your Property

As a home owner you may decide to sell the house, but how do you convey your willingness to sell to potential buyers? To sell your home at a faster rate than normal, it is best if you are able to advertise your home in local newspapers or convey your willingness to sell to your local realtors. Nowadays there are loads of online websites where properties for sale can be listed. You can also advertise your property online to attract the new generation of buyers cut the deal quicker.

5. Capture Your Property in Photos

Portfolios help you sell products fast and there is no better product to sell than your own home. Visual representation of your home can spike the interest of potential buyers in your property and if it is available at the right price, you may end up selling off your property faster than you thought possible.

Follow the tips above to sell your property faster but make sure that haste does not result in mistakes in selling your property that can haunt you later.