John Cole for Full Steam Consulting has kindly provided our latest guest blog below on the many reasons to use a Buyer Agent to help you with your property search.

Many of us have taken help of real estate agents to sell our properties but consulting an agent while buying a property is comparatively a new idea. Some people are still not comfortable with the idea of hiring a buyer’s agent when they need to buy a home or any other property. One of the most common concerns of such people is, “We are already spending a pretty penny in buying a property, so why increase our expenses by hiring an agent?”

If you are also one such person, take a look at the following major reasons for hiring a buyer’s agent to help you in the property search:

1.     There is a lot to consider

Whether you are looking for a perfect home for your family or for a great investment property, the process can be confusing, particularly if you are doing it for the first time. There are so many things to consider. For example, if you are searching for a home, you have to consider its location, its current and future value, the market, your budget, facilities that are available in the house and in the area, the paperwork (once you find the perfect property) and so much more. Considering so many factors at once can be perplexing and may take a lot of your time. Taking help from a buyer’s agent will put your mind at ease. Simply tell the agent what you want and he/she will do the searching for you.

2.     A buyer agent has the skills that you don’t have

Buyer agents are professionals and are trained for the task. They have a keen eye for details and the skills and experience that make them the master in the art of negotiation. A buyer agent makes sure you get the fairest price for any type of property.

3.     They save your time

During the busy schedules of our lives, most people are already over-worked and extremely busy. Searching for a property is one time consuming and tedious task and for most of the people, it is almost impossible to devote their entire days searching for and visiting various properties. There is no need to over-burden yourself with an additional task when there are professional and reliable buyer agents around.

4.     They have links

Since buyer agents are professionals and they work in the real estate market on a daily basis, they have inside links and professional networks which help them find properties before they even appear on property websites. Thus, you don’t miss out on some great properties just because you missed out on the date when they first opened for inspection. Also, they have links with insurance brokers, service providers and many others to make the whole searching and buying process a lot easier for you.

5.     They know the market

In addition to helping you get a fair price, the market knowledge that buyer agents have will benefit you in several other ways. They:

  • Can advise you on the best location for the property
  • Know the current value of properties in every area
  • Know if a particular property will have a good resale value or not
  • Have an eye on future market trends as well. So, if the market is likely to go down very soon, they will tell you that so that you can save a pretty penny just by waiting for some time before buying the property.

Taking help from a buyer’s agent makes the whole process of searching and buying a property a stress-free process. So, do take help from a professional and a reliable buyer agent the next time you want to purchase any kind of property.